Thomas Schmidt



Some photos made by me. To take this other view. Trough the camera trough the canvas trough the hidden frame. It reduces your view to something or nothing. Simply change the perspective. May you want to look trough the same glasses ... art/1.jpg

Failed !

Sometimes i recognice in daily life that some technical or non technical process failed. Sometimes i take a picture from it - here is a subset of this colletion. site/failed.jpg

Pictures from my first work place

Here are some pictures from my first employment. Especially from the cluster system with 256 dual processor IBM x330 computers. This cluster installation was in November 2002 listed on place 205 in top 500 ranking list of the worldwide fastest computing systems. Already in begin of 2003 we where out. 4sc/guru_med.jpg

Saling tour 2004 with J.H. L.

Post season sailing tour - i think my last one. Sailing is real fun :-) segeln1/bshswost.jpg