Thomas Schmidt


Can i introduce myself ?

My name is Thomas Schmidt, born 1978 in Elmshorn (53.43N, 09.40E / located in the northern part of germany) and grown up in Glueckstadt near to river Elbe's estuary. After school i was trainee locksmith by the german railway company (DBAG). While training i had to program digital machine-tools, my interest to computers was roused. To get a computer related job i needed to visit a computer-sience school, in my case FH-Wedel an university of applied sience. So i started the second school for the "Fachhochschulreife" graduation. At FH-Wedel i acuired a graduation called "Staatlich gepruefter Assistent der technischen Informatik". With finishing FH-Wedel i begun to work in the medium sized bio-technology company 4SC AG located in Martinsried near Munich. At 4SC i was the responsible person for the cluster and network system. I also supported any other information-technology systems there. The complete cluster setup was my first work in computer business. It was 2002 on rank 205. in the top 500 list of world's best computers :-) After 5 years i switched in beginning of 2008 to another company named NetHawk. NetHawk is a finnish company manufactures telecommunication network tools like simulators and analyzers. Here i'm now support engineer for the actual simulator product - and very busy with the new rising mobile standard LTE.

Next to my job as support engineer, i like to program java, c, i386 assembler, perl, bash ... , work with XML, XSL(T), XPath, cocoon and ... ... do some things on network security related stuff ;-). Also a lot of electronic themes are mine. If tube amplifiers, analog HF circuits or PIC programming i'm interested in it.

If my wife switches of my computer - i like to go rowing, walk in the mountains, climbing, sailing and complimentary working at the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (german: "Technisches Hilfswerk" short: "THW"), OV Starnberg.