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Some selfmade software - may You find something useable. Let me know if You like it ... or not. If You've found a bug please let me know too - eMail is stored in README or AUTHOR files - Thanks :-) Please visit also my download area.


wmTea/ wmTea is a little WindowMaker dock application. It supports time presets, standard tea time (3 and 10 minutes) and executes scripts on start/end like Tea O Matic needs, or it trigers a mp3 player or other funy stuff.

Java Barcode Class

barcode/barcode.jpg Java barcode class is a extensible library to generate traditional single line Barcodes. The basic version library supports code 39 and code 128A. It's easy to extend it with other codes. Only an additional class with code description is needed. You can import the library or take it from command line as simple stand alone program.

NABI-DNS (exam work)

Nabi DNS is a interface between a (MySQL) database and the DNS protocol. That means, that the Zone tables are hosted in a (MySQL) Database, which make it possible to hold DNS data very dynamic. It was part of my exam work 2001-2002. Successfully used on different LAN-partys like lanworld.

HTML command

Should be named "cgi command" - a little script that takes parameter over the GET HTTP method and executes them on the host computer. In past i've done a lot of REAL funny things with it. In university i started a bouncer, a proxy server and other things on a students server, where only some NFS volumes where accessible for students. On this Server every student had his cgi-bin directory - for private and education use. NFS was only accessible from university's computing rooms, the cgi-bin webspace from every part of internet. From some computer rooms it was not alowed to acces internet by firewall rules. - So i started a perl proxy script - as httpd user "nobody" (Nobody was faster ... ), with html_command and internet access was garanted. HTML command demonstrates a real security hole in a lot of webserver setups. [Download]


tea lifter controled from PC with wmTea

teaOmatic/vorn.jpg Tea O Matic is a computer controled tea timer and lifter. Controlled from a windowmaker applet (wmTea), it pulls out tea colander, egg or sac. Additonaly there is a programmable controler which shakes the tea colander after brewing for better taste. Communication between computer and Tea O Matic is implemented with a Microchip PIC16F628 microcontroller and a MAX232. BTW: a very good site for PIC programming and other electronic stuff is (german).

YPrPb to RGB converter

With this little circuit it is possible to use AplleTV on a conventional TV. yprpb2rgb/PCB-all2.jpg


Mailserver a little introduction

At PTL-Wedel i had to write, together with JP, something about SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and eMail Servers. The result was a little document named "Mailserver". Especially the sendmail configuration example ist not state of the art, however it's a good introduction in SMTP for layman or professionals. (german)

an obsolete Diskless HowTo

In the past there where only boot-ROMs plugable on a NIC (Network Interface Card) ... may somebody remembers on this EPROM sockets on a Network card. To get the client booted from network, you had to set up an environment and You had to programm this EPROMS (or you had to buy them for a bunch of money). There are (or where) some project for this theme out in the endless space of inernet. HowTo build up a Diskless environment describes this Document. It is incomplete and obsolete because today the PXE (spoken pixi) standart from Intel is the standart to boot clients from the network. (german)

get locale root account

Sometimes You need root account on a linux machine. There are more than one way to this goal ... sure You can have the password ... or You're a good one and You know the latest problem of a process with root privilegs. Or you sit directly in front of the Computer and You can test this (runs with every bootloader that let parameters pass to kernel) - its a good "trick" for "password recovery" :